About us:
       Our company is an important provider of printing equipment, warranty and post warranty service for the printing industry.
      Having specialized teams with a great experience in printing industry and sustained by a powerfull logistic infrastucture, our company provides the following products and services:
CMYK Cross
  • Installation and printing factory moves
  • Printing equipments disassembly
  • Printing equipments specialized transport
  • New and pre-owned printing equipments installation
  • Service and maintenance "on site"
  • Equipments cleaning and checking
  • Equipments repairs
  • Full equipments reconditioning and repairs
  • Consulting services for acquiring equipments
  • New and pre-owned equipments
  • Spare parts and consumables
 We sell used equipment in 3 ways:
AII - As it is: Equipment sold as it is.
CC - Cleaned and checked: Equipment is sold after it was cleaned, checked and repaired for good work.
FR - Full reconditioned, full inspection and general revision: Equipment is sold after it was dismantled piece by piece, clean, inspect and replace all worn parts with new ones to work perfectly.